He Jumped Down 10 Feet, But When You See The Reason Why… AMAZING.

Neighbors heard the sounds of desperate kitten meowing down deep in a storm drain, but nobody knew what to do until Jonathan, a hero came to the scene!

When Jonathan Trantham heard the sad news about the trapped kitten, he decided to risk himself and take a chance at saving the kitten.  The only way to rescue this kitten was to climb 10′ feet down into a storm drain. Everyone warned him not to venture into the storm drain, but he decided to do it anyway!

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Trantham has a phobia of small spaces, but he kept trying to catch the trapped kitten until finally with help from some neighbors he was able to rescue the poor kitten!


He decided to name the kitten “Storm” and she’s now up for adoption!  Trantham is a true hero!


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