He Lost His Best Friend Cat, But Then Days Later… Now Watch The Reaction When They’re Reunited!

This isn’t just another story about a cat and his owner, it’s a touching moment that will bring tears to your eyes.

Jared is ten years old and autistic, but his best friend Clyde the cat is eleven years old.  Ever since a baby, these two have been best buddies and kept each other company through the good and the bad, but then one day something very sad happened…

His beloved companion and friend, Clyde, went missing.  They couldn’t find him anywhere.    Many of us have had hard moments when we’ve lost a pet, but because of Jared’s autism, this loss really hit him hard and he was completely heartbroken.

Then one day their neighbor found Clyde, then rescued him and brought him back home!

When Jared came back from school that day, there was something very exciting waiting for him… Watch Video:

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via: LiftBump / FaithIt

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