He Noticed A Paw Print And Feared The Worst, But Then He Received A Shocking Phone Call…

It’s always a heartbreaking time when we loose a pet that we’ve loved with all our heart, but thankfully this story has a much happier ending…

After traveling hundreds of miles, a California couple arrived home only to find that their beloved cat Seti was missing.  They searched everywhere and could only fear the worst…  They were both devastated about their loss, but thankfully the story doesn’t end here!

After noticing a paw print on the outside of the car, they began searching, but couldn’t find Seti.  They even offered a $500 dollar reward for the return of their rare and much-loved kitty Seti, but a couple days passed and they still couldn’t find Seti.

They thought they would never see him again, but to their shock, someone turned in the cat and Seti’s owners were immediately phoned!  Seti’s rescuer declined the $500 dollar reward, but accepted a invitation for dinner.


He was shocked and overcome with emotion when he received the unexpected phone call… He said “I have had cats all my life but never loved one like this… and I couldn’t believe it, because I had written him off as a million to one odds we’d ever see him again.”

We’re so glad that he got his beloved cat back, a story like this deserves to be shared… This heartwarming reunion will bring a smile to your face! :) Watch:

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