He Noticed A Stray Cat, So He Nursed It Back To Health, But I’ll NEVER Forget What Happened Next!

James Bowen has an amazing story of how his life was changed from the worst to the best and all because of a very special kitty…

At The Meow Post, we’re always looking for adoption stories that have changed peoples lives, but this story truly has an amazing end!

James Bowen is a street musician that sits on street corners and tries to make a few dimes to survive another day.  Being alone on a street corner playing music can be hard and especially difficult when the winter days bring on the colder temperatures…

One day, he noticed a stray cat that was hurt and needed some help, so he used his own hard earned money to buy food and medication to nurse it back to health.


After nursing it back to health, he attempted to let the cat go, but it wouldn’t leave him alone, instead it followed him onto the train and wanted to be his friend.


The kitty kept following him, so he decided to adopt him as his own.  His new kitty wasn’t scared of the city and followed him and enjoyed being his company every day!


He named the kitty “Bob” and They became true best friends!…


He taught the cat to do tricks with him to complement his street music and everyone loved it, the cat loved it, and the cat loved him – it was a inseperable relationship…


His new companion helped him make it through the hard days…  When each day seemed unbearable, the cat soothed him and loved him like nobody else could.


Bob the kitty, his new best friend, also helped him fight his drug addictions…  He was finally able to be free and live a happy life – all because of his adopted kitty!


His best friend Bob knew when he was feeling down and continued to help keep positive during the hard times on the streets.


It was almost like this cat was sent by God or an angel, to help this man find a sense of guidance, purpose, and a new life.


His best friend wouldn’t leave him for anything and stuck by his site through everything.  They even wrote a best selling book together!

bob-cats   street-musician-with-his-catHe didn’t know it in the beginning, but by adopting the kitty when he needed him most, this kitty had also returned the favor and saved this mans life when it mattered most!  Cats truly are amazing creatures…

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