He Noticed A Bedraggled Hitchhiker, But When I Saw What He Did Next, My Heart Melted… Amazing!

It was a hot summer day and the temperature had raised to 90 (degrees F).  Reddit user zdaytonaroadster is a home inspector and drives over 100 miles every day.

He sees many hitchhikers, but usually doesn’t pick anyone up, but today was a little bit different!  This hitchhiker was an abandoned kitten alongside the road…

When he noticed the poor bedraggled kitten on the side of the road, he was moved with compassion and decided to pickup the poor abandoned creature…

The hot temperature and busy roadway would have meant almost certain death for this abandoned furry kitten, but this home inspector decided to do something honorable!

“Found him at house that was vacant, just wandering around by the road. I was sure he’d get hit by a car. I didn’t see his mom, and it was about 90 (degrees F) out today, he was panting.”

“Stopped at a local run down gas station and got him a little water.”


This sweet kitten got re-hydrated from the heat outside after being rescued…


This kitten now has a new home thanks to this kind man and is enjoying life! Ash, the adopted kitten love his new owners and gives back as much love as possible…


The best part of the whole story, was when they brought the newly rescued kitten a new friend, Roxy the dog… After getting to know each other, now they’re best friends!


Getting a new home, daily belly rubs, and great food are just a few things that Ash the kitten now enjoys…


It’s amazing how adopted pets give back so much love after being rescued… This man’s example should inspire others to adopt, love and rescue!  I just love stories that end like this one!  Please SHARE.

(via: redditor zdaytonaroadster, featured image for illustration via lordan miller)

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