He Noticed Something Clinging To A Car, But When He Took A Closer Look… Oh My!!

Cats love to sleep near warm car engines, but it doesn’t always end up well for them. This lucky calico cat was saved at the very last moment by an alert photographer.

The Mercedes was driving down Ocean Parkway, with the owner oblivious to the fact that there was a cat inside…Thankfully someone heard cries and was able to do something!

Gorgeous calico cat escapes near-disaster!

1_Calico_CatAntonio M. Rosario is a Brooklyn-based photographer, who saved the kitten from sure death. He was driving along the Ocean Parkway, to head to Brighton Beach. He was in the passenger seat when he heard a cat crying.

At first he thought the cat was in the car with them, until he saw a Mercedes s550 driving beside them. He had a good look at the car when he noticed that the left front turn signal was missing. And in its place was a tiny little kitten, crying and crying away!! …He couldn’t believe his eyes!!

Antonio holds Mercedes the rescued Cat!

2_Man_with_CalicoAntonio immediately rolled down the window to get the woman to stop her car. She was confused, worried that it was dead. Antonio told her it was still alive, and to pull over to the side.

Mercedes safely inside the car after a brush with death!

3_Chin_ScratchiesBoth cars pulled over to the service road. The woman didn’t know what to do, nor how to pop open the hood. Antonio tried to reach the kitten from the outside, but the cat slipped further into the engine.

A crowd of people came to their assistance, searching for the hood release. The woman started dialling people to figure out how to open the hood of the Mercedes.

The kitten suddenly went limp, and Antonio and Elizabeth feared the kitten might be dead, as a car engine can get quite hot. He slid the cat’s paw back inside, as there wasn’t enough room for the kitten to come out that way. To their relief, the kitten started crying again.

There was a frantic debate over what to do. Some wanted her to drive the car to the police or a service station, while others said the kitten could be killed if it was lying against the engine.

Somehow, they finally got the hood open. The kitten was wedged between the radiator and the fan. They tried tapping on the bottom to get her to come out, but instead, she headed further into the engine block.

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

4_Cat_Loves_TowelFortunately, one of the bystanders saw her near an exterior opening to the engine. Antonio was able to move himself near this spot and touch her fur.

She was offered some scone and some ground meat. She poked her head out. She finally came out of the hole, and the photographer grabbed her.

One of the helpers asked if Antonio was going to keep the cat.

“I can’t thank you enough for saving me human!”

5_Cat_Snuggles_HandOf course he was keeping the cat! You don’t go to all that effort and not keep it. He named her Mercedes, and Merci for short. She was taken to the vet but checked out fine. After eating a tin of food, her new humans brought her home.

They named her ‘Mercedes’ and she loves her rescuer to death! :)

6_Man_with_CatMercedes is all grown up now, and continues to live with her rescuer, it’s just purrfect!

Thank you Antonio for saving this sweet kitty!

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Via: USATodaylovemeow, Antonio M. Rosirao Photography

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