He Noticed Something On The Side Of The Road, What He Did Next I’ll Never Forget…

Amazing stories like this are even better when you can see the pictures or sometimes a video, but thankfully with this incredible story, you get both! :)

When Richard Christianson noticed something clinging to a fence on the side of the road, he bravely stopped his car and proceeded to risk himself to save the poor injured and abandoned cat.

It’s horrible that anyone would abandon a cat like this and whats worse is that nobody was stopping to help the poor thing! Thankfully Richard saw the helpless figure when he did, or something worse almost certainly would have happened…

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“It’s crazy how people just assumed this cat was hit by a car and was dead” He knew that the poor thing was just stuck on the freeway.  He was scared and dehydrated but he wasn’t dead at all.

Before trying to rescue the poor kitten, he consulted some rescue groups on Facebook and they all said it was MUCH too dangerous to try and rescue the cat while cars were racing around.

He decided that he would take matters into his own hands and risk himself to save the poor traumatized cat.


Thankfully Richard walked down the freeway and across till he could get closer to the cat… “He (looked) at me in total surprise and as if he was asking me to save him. The poor little guy seemed joyous and relieved to see me. There was no struggle whatsoever – he just went limp in my arms and started to purr,”  This cat knew he was in good hands.


Richard later told ABC15, “I was presented a situation in life where I had the opportunity to help out a little (furry) friend who was in a bad jam in which I chose to take part in and help out,” he wrote. “As humans we all should look out for one another…. A life is a life… (Regardless) if it’s skin, fur, feathers, or scales.”


Richard decided to name the cat Freeway and immediately after risking his life in dangerous traffic, he took him to the Arizona Humane Society to get medical attention.  It took over 30 days to fully recover, but, but thankfully after 2 surgeries, Freeway the cat is now able to go home with the person he loves, his faithful rescuer Richard.

Freeway the cat is well loved by his new human dad and he’ll do anything he can to make sure his rescue cat is healthy and happy no matter the cost.  “I’ve got too much invested in this baby to let him fail.”

(Via: ABC15)

“A few seconds of kindness can last a lifetime,” Richard said.

cat-rescued-on-freeway-3 cat-rescued-on-freeway-4Nobody dared to stop on the busy Phoenix highway, but what this man did will truly warm your heart… Watch:

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