He Rescued A Stray Cat With Unusual Markings, But Then A Few Days Later… Awwwww!!

It’s like how many human and cat love stories begin: A young man finds an adorable stray cat, but she has a distinctive mark on her fur coat that makes her stand out. It was an extremely large red heart mark. The cat disappeared for a bit, and then returned with a little surprise for him.

This large heart symbol declares the love of the mother cat for her kitten, and for the young man’s love of both mother and baby.

I heart you furever!

1_Mother_Cat_Heart_FurSid Balakrishnan was outside one day when he saved the female cat from being killed by stray dogs. Often he’d find the cat on his doorstep, or rummaging through his trash. She disappeared for about two months, while he continued on working.

Mother cat brings this loving man a gift and her heart!

2_Mother_Cat_KittenOne day, the cat returned, ready to give birth to four kittens. Unfortunately, three of the kittens didn’t make it. This left them with one kitten. But he couldn’t keep them as he wasn’t certain about his job’s future. He gave them to the security guard at the apartment complex he was staying at.

Love saves the day.

3_Mother_Cat_FloorSid had been going through a rough patch in life. Even though there only remained one kitten, the love that the two had for each other warmed his heart. And that gigantic heart on her body meant a lot to him. He felt that this was a sign from the universe. Sid’s job eventually worked into something more lasting.

After the kitten was born, the mother cat would bring the kitten to him for visits. He’d place a pillowcase on the doormat to make it softer for the kitten, while his mom would sleep on the floor beside him.

Safely living indoors and happy…

4_Sweet_Orange_KittenSid says that his two cats give him the stability he needs in life—He now looks forward to coming home after work every day.

Since Sid has officially adopted the cats, both will be spayed & neutered when the kitten is old enough. He feels that the cats adopted him, even though he unconditionally loves them. The mother cat is still feral, so trust needs to be built up, but the boy cat will grow up fully attached to Sid.

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