He Spent Over 3 Weeks Feeding This Stray Cat, Just WATCH What Happens Now… Awwww!!

This kind human noticed a stray ginger cat in the work yard outside.  After asking his boss, he let him feed the kitty.  Each day he would feed that cat.  In fact he did this for over 3 weeks!

It took weeks for the cat to trust his human shop workers, but finally after countless times of feeding, THIS happened…

Youtube user said: “Little stray kitten Abigail finally let me pet her during a feeding! Im so happy!”

After this stray kitty had wormed up to his owners, he finally became their shop cat and often enjoys checking out what the workers are doing.  He still gets a meal each day!

Watch what happened after 3 weeks:

“She is our shop kitty now… It took her about 3 weeks to even come near us.” Via YouTube.


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