He Took Out The Trash And Heard Some Desperate Meowing. What He Saw Almost Broken My Heart…

It was just a normal day and he needed to take out the trash.  When he went out to the communal trash can, he heard the most pitiful crying and meowing…  He wasn’t prepared for what he saw next!

After noticing the sound and finding the source of the meowing, he saw that a stray cat had got its head stuck in a bottle.  He tried taking it off and got some scissors, but then he had to get some strong wire cutters…

After freeing the poor strangled stay cat, he gets a quick thankful look from the cat and he runs off…  Like any life saving animal effort, it brought a smile to his face and it will bring a smile to your face, Just Watch:

I love it when someone saves an animal!  It brings a smile to everyones face!

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