He Was a Snaggle-Toothed Kitten Missing an Eye, But Wait Until You See How Much He’s Loved…

It can be difficult for a kitten starting out in the world, but even harder when you’re a kitten born with a snaggle tooth that twists in the wrong direction… and missing an eye! But that was just how Willie was born.

Willie is a gorgeous fluffy boy, and his owner Kristen thinks so too. She’s has Willie for four years now. He was born to a short haired black cat, so his dad must have been a stray cat who was similarly fluffy.

Who Needs Two Eyes When I Have Everything Here?

1_One_Eyed_CatKristen adopted Willie when he was a wee kitten. She said that he’s been deformed since birth, but is lucky enough to be in perfect health! She’d been told that he wouldn’t make it due to his rough condition, but it was love at first sight, and she gave him a chance.

Who Can Resist the Fluffiness?

2_One_Eyed_KittenWillie was born missing one eye, and he also had a crooked jaw because his skull was never fully developed. This caused him to have a snaggletooth that curved more to the center of his mouth.

He might look different, but he’s very special!

3_Snaggle_Toothed_KittyIt turns out that Willie also has a cleft palate, so that his tooth can fit perfectly within his mouth. Kristen keeps his baby tooth in a pendant and necklace she always wears around her neck.

What’s there not to love here?? :)

4_Kitty_Lies_On_BedWillie is greatly loved by Kristen. Besides being handsome and fluffy, he also is very loving, with a great purrsonality too.

5_Cat_Sticks_Out_TongueWillie loves to sleep in his owner’s arms every night. He’s a sweetie and loves to snuggle. He’s also extremely vocal, and waits for Kristen to come home every night.

Ready for Playtime

6_Cat_FangKristen also opened her heart to another kitty who had lost her eye due to an eye infection. The two cats get along like brother and sister. Her name is One-Eyed Millie.

There Has to Be More for Dinner!

7_Curious_CatWillie is full of curiosity and his one eye doesn’t stop him from checking out the situation in the kitchen. He also likes to follow his human mom into the bathroom.

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Via: @1EYED_WILLIE, H/T lovemeow

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