He Was Injured In A Car Accident, But Than Something Special Happened! Heartwarming…

Cats always know when we need them and they love to lend a helping hand.  They know just when to give us the love we need to get us through when we are hurt, sick, or just feeling bad.

He was in a dreadful accident that left him hurt and in the hospital for some time.  After spending his time away from his sweet kitty started doing something very sweet and heartwarming.  He calls his sweet kitty “fluffy boy” A.K.A El Gato and named “Monsieur Le Chat.”

“Fluffy boy” his special kitty greater him at the door and ever since he came home from the hospital won’t leave his side!


He feels healed even more each day because of the healing power from the kitty purrs and  his love.


“Since I’ve come home from the hospital, he’s rarely left my side,” said kitty’s dad who was injured in a car accident. (reddit)

“It’s truly powerful what cats can do” — TheMeowPost.com couldn’t agree more!


It’s very touching and heartwarming how cats can be so therapeutic and helped this man. Since his kitty greeted him at the door, he has kept by his side and comforted him.

He feels much better now because his kitty helped him get by the hard times!

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