He Was Rescued After Being Hit By A Car, Now He’s Having The Best Time Ever!

At TheMeowPost.com, we’re always looking for the most amazing stories and this one just hits us in the heart!  Animals can go though so much trauma, but thankfully this sweet kitty  has recovered amazingly and loves every minute of her life now!

Fapiao the kitten was found in the street after being violently hit by a car.  Unbelievably he recovered from the shock and sustained no major injuries!

At TheMeowPost.com, we’ve personally witnessed cats recovering from near-death experiences with cars and this cat has to be one of the most resilient ones we’ve ever seen.

After only 2 days, Fapiao the kitten rescued from a busy Shanghai street was well and seemed to feel no pain.  Now she jumps around and has so much fun it’s obvious she’s got 9 lives!

Fapiao can now be seen jumping and playing with his rescuer like nothing ever happened, just Watch the touching video:

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