He Was Rescued During Hurricane Katrina, But When You See What He’s Doing Now? WOW…

Some kittens have a rough start to life. They become separated from mommy cat, and the poor fur baby is left to survive on their own. Sometimes another mommy can step forward and be a nanny to the kitten!

Furmillions of kittens have been saved, through the kindness of another mother allowing them to nurse. But these kittens lost their moms, but have a new furry parents now!

You may have heard about the 300 dogs who were rescued during Hurricane Katrina. Most of them never found their owners again, but thankfully these doggies are doing something amazing after being rescued, they’re rescuing other kittens!

This doggie protects his new little black kitten, his story is amazing!

Little_kitten_big_dogTen years ago, Boots the dog was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, his owners were never found. Today, his job is at Arizona Humane Society, helping little kittens to feel comfortable in their new (but temporary) shelter.

I look up to you! :)

Hey_youBoots is a Chow and Shepherd mix. He was adopted by one of the emergency animal medical technicians, who aided in rescuing him. One day, they noticed how good Boots was with the kittens.

Ahhhhhh… It’s so warm in here!

Kitten_lost_in_dogBoots is now the shelter’s official kitten nanny. He works in the kitten nursery, and has saved the lives of many kittens who were orphaned too young. For some reason, love and support keeps the kittens alive, until they are old enough to eat and drink on their own.

It’s going to take all day to clean!

Black_kitten_nanny_dogMost kittens have never seen a dog in their short lives. Boots gets them acclimated around dogs, which gives the cats a better chance of being adopted, when they’re already used to dogs. A kitten who is socialized will more quickly settle into a home with other pets, and thus decrease the chances that it will be returned back to the shelter.

Let’s take a break, then we’ll play with the ball again. 

Kitten_and_dog_in_cageIt’s Boots’s job to spend about one day each week with a kitten. This allows for playtime, and snuggles. Kittens who are socialized from two to seven weeks are more likely to positively interact with other animals.

Boots is good at what he does, a true hero to all the rescued cats—It’s amazing how a rescued doggie like this can rescues so many cats with a heart of love!

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