Lucky Cat Who Was Rescued From A Fire Helps Other Animals That Need Love

This incredible orange kitty was rescued from some rubble. People were shocked to find a cat alive, after this fire that had destroyed his home. Russell was left with such severe burns that the veterinarians were uncertain of his survival.

“He was pretty far gone, and we didn’t know if he would make it,” said Alan Wilford to the Dodo. “He has taken a long time, but he has made a miraculous recovery.”

Russell is a patient at the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina and has been at the clinic for more than a year.

This amazing cat has been giving a helping paw to animals in need at the clinic, despite his own injuries.

His newest best friend is this sweet baby fawn.


Russell needs constant medical attention for his own recovery, but he is doing the unthinkable during his stay at the clinic.


The friendly ginger cat offers comfort and love to all the other patients needing some TLC.


“He’s incredible engaging. He wants to meet all our patients. He just wants to be with them,” Wilford said. “I don’t know if he can sense that other animals are in pain or have stuff going on, but he does seem to have some weird knack for connecting with patients, even when you wouldn’t think they would.”


“I think he helps other animals feel at ease. We’re a clinic, so I’m sure he helps alleviate their stress,” he [Wilford] said. “…he likes to be with other animals. And it’s not all about him. He really enjoys giving companionship to others.”


Russell may not be well enough to return to his former life, according to the clinic, but his new life us full of love and compassion. 

“He’s adopted us,” Wilford said. “He’s a rock star here. Everyone wants to see him, and he just eats it up. I don’t know if he’d like being a normal house cat again, so we’d be happy to keep him as our clinic mascot.”

He loves cuddling his canine friends, like Rocko here!


Out of the ashes comes a hero…our sweet Russell.russell-the-cat-rainbow

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