He Was Walking In The Park When A Kitten Stopped Him To Ask A VERY Important Question…

This man was just taking a stroll through the park, like any other ordinary day, when something extraordinary happened! A little stray kitten ran up to him and stopped him in his tracks.

It was almost as if she was asking him a question – Would you take me home? I need someone to love me…How could he say no to this sweet little fur ball? Obviously his heart melted, and he took the little one home.

The kitten was named Vell-chan, and she immediately began settling into her new home. Just look at these adorable photos of this kitty:


Please save me! I love you…


Safe and sound at last.stray-kitten-finds-home stray-cat-finds-home cute-stray-catHome is where the heart is.

stray-cat-finds-best-homeWhat an amazing rescue for this sweet kitty—SHARE this story with a friend!

Source : Twitter / LoveMeow

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