He’s 124 Years Old In Kitty Years And The Oldest Cat Alive…WATCH His Story, Amazing!!

This kitty isn’t just 124 kitty years old (26 years old) but he also holds the record as the oldest cat alive!

His human mom believes that because she allows Corduroy to live life as a natural, happy cat and has never declawed him, he’s been able to live so long! She also allows Corduroy to come and go inside and outside to have fun adventures.

Even though he’s 26 years old, he is still going strong and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all…


Ashley first met Corduroy when she was just 7 years old. “It’s truly amazing to have picked Corduroy out from a litter when I was almost 7 years old and still have him in my life today,” she said in a recent interview.


What a pretty kitty!


Photo by @oldestlivingcat

You’ve got to see the full story for yourself – what an amazing cat!

Watch the full story here:

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