Cat Has Rare Eye Condition, But Just Take A Closer Look…Most Beautiful Eyes Ever, WOW.

What you’re about to see is some of the most amazingly beautiful eyes that you’ll ever see!

Imgur user ‘ recently posted a picture of a rare eye condition and it’s been going viral ever since, but take a closer look and you’ll immediately see the reason why!

These amazingly magical eyes are considered a relatively rare condition when found in both eyes on a cat.  It’s referred to as ‘heterochromia.’  Most of the time this condition is found in cats with a dominate white gene, but can also be found in other colored cats.

I could look into these eyes forever… Incredibly stunning!



Some people may think it looks odd, but we think it’s brilliantly beautiful!


IMGUR SOURCE also states: “Turkish Van, Turkish Angora and Japanese Bobtail are more likely to develop complete heterochromia”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes so beautiful, yet so magical!



Cats with ‘heterochromia’ don’t show their true eye colors until they have grown up.  As a kitten, they are almost always pure blue eyed, however during kittenhood, they usually develop this condition when more melanin moves into the eye.

This condition is not harmful at all to the cat and they can see just fine as reports

Other cats have also been reported with this condition and it’s truly beautiful, just look at those amazing eyes!


CREDIT: Kurt Rimkus

Cats with just one eye differently color also are quite beautiful, but not quite as rare!



Cat are some of the most amazing creatures ever, I think I know why! ;)



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