High School Woodworking Shop Teaches Students To Make Shelter Houses For Cats And Dogs, Amazing…

Barry Stewart teaches students how to build houses for pets in a program called “Houses for Hounds.”  This amazing program helps students learn to be loving and kind to animals at a younger age AND teaching them how to build things!  They’re helping dogs, but they’re also helping by making feral cat houses!

These cute little houses help keep the feral warm and have a roof over their head who will be cold and without a home each winter!  This amazing program has generated over 600 dog houses and 110 feral cat houses.

Many of the kids also love animals, so they try to do the best job they can for the feral kitties and it teaches them woodworking skills and at the same time they’re helping animals, it’s just wonderful!

You can see the pictures posted below via Friends of Jacksonville animals, Inc! :)

feral-cat-houses-3 feral-cat-houses-2 feral-cat-houses-1

Picture Source : Friends of Jacksonville Animals & People Pets

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