This Homeless Cat Came With An Adorable Surprise, But What The Dog Did Is Amazing!

A stray cat came to their house and they decided to adopt her. Everything seemed fine, but then they noticed ‘Terra’ was gaining some weight…

They thought it might be diet related or possibly an issue with previous malnutrition while a stray, but then a few weeks later they heard some noises coming from the cat room.  They couldn’t believe their eyes!

They rushed in and found 2 adorable kittens, then a few moments later, 7 total kittens were born – all just as adorable as can be. Then the house dog did something that left everyone in amazement!


The new father for these kittens ended up being the dog of the house!

The dog decided that he wanted to be the father immediately after seeing the adorable tiny balls of fur. “Mama cat will straight up leave the room and let him care for the kittens. I guess he thinks he’s the daddy.”

dog-fosters-kittens-2 dog-fosters-kittens-3

To help tell these adorable fur balls apart, they got the newborn kittens new collars.


Mommy cat doesn’t even mind the dog is helping out, it’s amazing! “She would even just walk away once my dog started licking on the kittens, content at her free babysitter.”


The Basset Hound would try to come around and sniff the kittens, but protective foster dad would growl to protect the precious newborn kittens!

dog-fosters-kittens-6 dog-fosters-kittens-8

The foster dad even tried carrying off the kittens, but the trusting cat mom didn’t even care – she trusted the dog even with her own babies, but kept a close eye on them at all times…

dog-fosters-kittens-7 dog-fosters-kittens-9

These kittens loved their new doggy daddy and their new daddy loved them too…

Such a happy family! :)


These kittens have the best family ever and it doesn’t get much more adorable then this!

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