Homeowners Get Quite The Surprise When They Look Outside… But What They See? WOW.

Homeowners in Southeast Idaho near Thatcher got a surprise visit from some unexpected guests.  They looked out their window one day and saw something moving, a few minutes later… They couldn’t believe their eyes, it was three mountain lion cubs!

They didn’t have even an ounce of apprehension, just curiously looking around. These cubs may have been coming up to ask for help and thankfully these homeowners were able to call the authorities at Fish & Game for help… Facebook users believe the mother was sadly killed by hunters, but the real reason is still to be determined.

Can you imagine seeing this outside your window?? WOW…

According to Idaho State Journal, the cubs took up residence in the shed overnight, they didn’t even hunt the chickens there, just slept.

What an amazing thing to see, and we’re glad they came to kind hearted people who called for help instead of doing any harm—SHARE this story!

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