Horrible Racist Protestors TERRORIZE Cat Sanctuary In Austin Texas… “It’s Just Sickening”

In a sad turn of events, the owner of Blue Cat Cafe, a cat sanctuary dedicated to helping cats get adopted, was met with a sickening scene when she arrived at work.  All the locks were glued shut so they couldn’t get in to feed the cats!

Furthermore, the owner had recent death threats and even more horrible accusations towards here, all for no reason.  The misguided and racist social justice protest was peaceful, but then things got much worse as protestors began sending pictures of dead cats to the owner!

The owner even received various death threats.  “All we’re trying to do is make people happy and adopt more cats,” one of the workers said.

It’s VERY sad that anyone would do something so horrible to a cat sanctuary. When the lives of many cats are being threatened by the locks being glued shut, it has gone TOO FAR.  Watch the story below:

This is horrible, I don’t know how anyone could do this? It almost brings tears to my eyes that anyone could hate someone so much and treat them so horribly.  Especially when all they’re trying to do is help cats get good homes.  Please show your support and SHARE this story with your friends please!

You can also watch the exclusive interview with Infowars.com below:

Sadly many news outlets are not covering this very sad story, please SHARE and spread the word to give support to Blue Cat Cafe in Austin Texas! :)

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