Horrid Low-Life Shoots Stray Kitten In Eye With BB-Gun, Then Someone Discovered… WATCH.

Thankfully someone discovered this kitten who looked like he couldn’t walk strait.  After further investigation, they found what looked to be like a BB stuck in the kittens eye!

Thankfully the kind humans at Vet Ranch were able to take X-Rays and found the lodged BB.  Some horrible low-life human had found this kitten and shot the stray in the left eye with a metal BB… Maybe the poor stray was annoying someone because it was asking for food?  We don’t know and haven’t been able to find more out about this story.

Just watch Vet Ranch and this amazing video as they save this poor kitten from his sad situation.  It’s amazing, you won’t to miss a minute of this amazing video!  Watch Video:

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They named the kitten BB and also rescued his sister!  This story goes to show that no matter how mean humans can be, there’s always a heart for animals in someone, we thank you Vet Ranch for everything you do!  Pass this story on and SHARE with your friends!

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