Horrid Person Trapped Kitty Inside A Bird Cage, And Left Her To Die, But Thankfully It Didn’t End Here…

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why people do such horrid things!  This poor kitty was locked in a bird cage with a tarp stuck on top of her.  It wasn’t livable conditions at all for the poor kitty and she wasn’t even getting proper feeding!

TheDodo also reported that this poor kitty was covered from head to tail with fleas!

This small bird cage didn’t even provide a single spot for the poor trapped kitty to even rest and the WORST part is this happened for this kitty’s WHOLE life!


Someone finally noticed what was happening and called Furry Nation Salvation, a rescue organization in Florida.

Thankfully they were able to rescue this poor kitty and remove all the fleas which covered ever speck of the poor kitty’s body.


After they we’re able to remove the cat trapped in the cage and bring her to safety, they decided to name the cat Holly Peppermint.

Thankfully the rescue society was able to remove all the fleas that had taken over the whole body of poor Holly.  She also had many other issues that were immediately addressed including skin and bladder infections.

“As my 2-year-old held her while she dried, she purred very loudly, like the sound of a dove,” Heer said via TheDodo.


Holly couldn’t believe how much space she had to walk around and at first didn’t even know how to walk…It was horrible, but thankfully Holly is now doing much better and fully enjoying her newfound freedom!

After hearing this horrific story, some friends of the Furry Nation immediately adopted before she was even put up for adoption! — Holly now has room to roam and food to eat, even a 10-year old cat sibling—she’s happier than ever!

4-Cat-Kept-In-A-Bird-Cage “No longer a nameless cat confined to a bird cage, Holly Peppermint has found the home she truly deserves,” Heer said.

Can you imagine being trapped in a small bird cage?! — It’s hard to believe she was trapped her whole life in a bird cage with no help, but thankfully Holly now purrs and says thank you, because she has room to move around and a loving family!  Every cat deserves someone who really loves them.

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via: TheDoDo & Furry Nation Facebook


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