Hotel Guests Discovered This Stray Cat, But They Didn’t Expect THIS To Happen…

Rufus was a cat who lost his home at some point in the past. He checked into a hotel and a old kind lady looked after him and fed him for several years…Rufus was content, but he still didn’t have a home.

One day two brothers came to stay at the hotel, but before they left, something amazing happened!

“Who is this new human?”

1_Cat_On_LapTwo brothers were visiting Sierra Nevada, Spain. They met Rufus, who was a stray cat that lived at the hotel. Apparently, as he socialized with the guests he became more and more friendly, but when he met these two young boys, something special happened…

It’s nice to meet you too human!

2_Cat_Sniffs_HandHis favorite past times were sunbathing, and wandering the grounds. When he saw these two brothers, he knew he had found his new family!

Ahhh, I love it when you scratch there…Now pleazzzz adopt me?!

3_Selfie_With_Happy_CatRufus spent no time in jumping onto each of the brother’s laps in turn.

I think I’ll adopt you sweet kitty :)

4_Cat_Jumps_On_HumanRufus enjoyed snuggling with both brothers. He was a cat who liked to be held and especially by these two guys!

I’m not letting go.

5_Cat_Cuddles_TeenRufus stole both of the brothers’ hearts, they knew they couldn’t leave this little sweetheart behind, so they adopted Rufus into their family! :)

More cuddles.

6_Cat_Hugs_ManI think Rufus was trying to tell the brothers something.

Time for walkies.

7_Cat_Loves_CuddlesThe two brothers took him out for a walk. He enjoyed his walk, purring the entire time.

I’ll follow you around the world.

8_Cat_Naps_On_Rabbit_HutchRufus would follow the brothers everywhere and do just loves to hang out with his new family!

9_Cat_At_HomeThe brothers asked to adopt the cat, and the hotel owner agreed. Now Rufus lives in their apartment.

One content kitty with his new owner… Awwwww!!

10_Cat_On_HumanIt’s a wonderful sight to see when a kitty finds a special human, especially two—This is just wonderful!

Both these boys went to the hotel to have a place to stay, but now this kitty has found a place to stay forever! :)

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