People Called Her ‘Stupid’ For Doing THIS, But Even 3 Years Later, They’re Still Friends! Amazing…

People were calling her ‘irresponsible’ and ‘stupid’ for allowing this kitten to meet her Pit Bull, but nothing happened.  In fact they even became great friends!

After over 3+ years, someone posted a comment on this video saying “prove the same cat is alive”  Her response was: “I still have the same cat and dog and I have lots of videos since then I cant wait to share! thanks again!!!”

This just goes to prove that Pit Bulls aren’t just ‘fighters’ as many people make them out to be, instead when trained properly, Pit Bulls can be loving and gentle to even the smallest kittens! Watch:

Any breed of animal can be trained to be vicious, but they can also be trained as loving and gentle animals… This owner did a great job teaching their Pit Bull to be loving and gentle, share if you agree! :)

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