Kitten And Shar Pei Dog Met Each other, But Wait Till You See Them Now… PRICELESS.

Who says cats and dogs don’t get along? Just check out this pair who know that love has no boundaries. They each come from a different species, yet they are one part of an inseparable bond.

Butler is a chubby white and grey cat who has made friends with Paddington, a Shar Pei dog. They both live in Tasmania, Australia.

Big dog, tiny kitten—But still best friends!

Kitten_with_dinosaurButler was adopted by Annie Jacob. She brought the kitten home, and introduced him to her wrinkly Shar Pei dog Paddington. They quickly hit it off.

I’ll protect you, zzzzz

Dog_keeps_kitten_warmAnnie noticed that her two pets started hanging out with each other, and even took naps together.

We’ll just humor her.

Dog_and_cat_in_basketThe dog and cat love to snuggle, and even have fun together.

I’ll love you furever. 

Dog_and_cat_kissingButler and Paddington share a warm moment.

You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Cat_and_dog_snugglingThe two love to snuggle together, keeping each other warm.

Where’s the kitty?

Cat_hiding_behind_dogIt appears that Butler may be up to a bit of mischief here, but it’s all in good fun.

Doggie dress up gone wrong.

Dog_has_big_lipsBut I still love you!

Who has the big eyes now?

Cat_with_dog_wearing_costumeButler and Paddington love to pose for the camera!

An inseparable bond.

Cat_and_dog_best_friendsThis pair are best furiends forever!

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