When This Kitten Discovers A Baby Deer On The Porch… You Gotta See What Happens!

They looked out at their porch one day and couldn’t believe what they saw… A baby deer was laying on the porch, they couldn’t believe it…

As soon as they saw this, they grabbed the camera… The kitten decided he wanted to checkout the new visitor.

You gotta see what the kitten does, I can’t believe this!… Watch:

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A helpless animal in distress does deserve our help, however touching an animal like this might have caused even more issues. It’s advised that humans don’t touch wildlife and instead call wildlife service as advised here: (http://www.spca.bc.ca/assets/documents/welfare/urban-wildlife/find-a-deer-fawnpdf.pdf) We didn’t take this video and TheMeowPost.com does not endorse any wrong actions done.  We don’t know what happened, this was recorded and uploaded by a YouTube user and we simply shared it as we’ve never seen anything like it.  We would like to assume that rescue services were called and the fawn was rescued after this video, but we don’t know what happened…

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