Kitten Dyed Purple, Then ‘Thrown To Dog As Chew Toy’ Sparks Outrage From Animal Activists…

‘Smurf’ the purple kitten used to be a happy little black kitten, but then rude humans thought it might be ‘funny’ to paint the kitten purple, then throw him to their dogs as a ‘chew toy.’

Animal activists online are ‘appalled’ and ‘outraged’ by what has happened to this poor helpless black kitten, however a spokesperson at reported via Nine Lives Foundation: “We’re happy to announce the news that SMURF has made it to Nine Lives Foundation and is receiving the care he needs to fully recover.  SMURF has also met two new furry friends and they’re getting along great.”


Here at, were equally excited that this kitten is recovering, especially after such a horrific past—Thanks to the rescue people at Nine Lives Foundation!

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UPDATE: Another spokesperson at reported via Nine Lives Foundation: This morning January 3, 2015, SMURF was found purring happily with his new best friend named WANDA.  WANDA and SMURF have formed an incredible bond together that will do no less than warm your heart to see”

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After so much heartbreaking abuse, this dyed purple kitten with a heart of a lion hasn’t lost hope—Little SMURF gives hope to his other rescue partner WANDA…We’re pretty sure they’ve officially fell in love and its almost too much for my heart! :)

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