Kitten Gets Into Trouble ALL The Time… I Can’t Believe The Mischief This Cat Gets Into, WOW.

You know how kittens love to get into mischief? It turns out that this cat knows how to do it best!  Not only was a kitten saved once, but three times!

It started out with a nice drive along the road in his Mercedes. What comes next will have you pulling your fur out, until you see how the kitten was safely extricated from all precarious situations.

No more mischief? Okay?

Mercedes_owner_with_catA cat loving man located in Taiwan was enjoying his drive, when he spotted two men attempting to get a kitten out of a tree. Joe decided to stop and help.

But I’m safe up here!

Cat_in_treeAfter he climbed up the tree, the kitten escaped by jumping into the river beneath! Oh no! Joe leapt into the river to save the kitten. He was able to grab her, and pull her out soaking wet.

I like Mercedes!

Cat_stuck_in_carUnfortunately, she ran from her rescuer. She climbed up inside the engine of his Mercedes.

Kitten loves Mercedes too much to leave it!

Cat_lost_in_MercedesIt was impossible to get the kitten out. A towing company was called, and the car was towed to the local dealership.

It’s been a long game of Where’s the Kitten?

Dismantling_car_to_get_catThe engine had to be completely dismantled to get at the kitten.

I was fine where I was!

Cat_in_boxThe kitten is finally removed from the car, and dried off. She’s fed, and gets a trip to the vet.

When Joe was asked about the time and effort he put into rescuing the kitten multiple times, he said, “The real effort would be convincing his girlfriend to let him keep it.”

None the worse for wear!

Cat_checked_at_vetsThe vet declared that the kitten was healthy! And apparently, Joe was able to adopt the kitten after all!  This is probably the longest kitten adoption and rescue EVER…

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