Kitten is given a second chance and won’t stop purring in her pocket after someone rescued him…

This ‘special’ kitten might have been euthanized because of his condition, but thankfully was given a second chance.  After being rescued, the sweet kitten just couldn’t stop purring in the vet’s pocket reported Love Meow and the story gets even sweeter!

They named the wee little kitten Roger and he’s the most loving special kitten ever!

The poor little miniature little kitten was extremely small when he arrived at Kern County Animal Services with an eye infection and also a seriously enlarged head.

Even though his condition is fairly serious, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of his will to live!

Dr. Arnold was able to properly treat the kitten and then prepared him to be sent to a loving foster home…

“He tackles life and gets stronger everyday!” (via LoveMeow)

Little Roger might look weird to some people, but his enlarged head is actually a condition called Hydrocephalus. Although he has a disability, there’s nothing that can stop his will to live!

When Roger starts cuddling with his foster mommy, it’s just TOO sweet! <3

“This little guy came into the shelter tiny… but Roger isn’t letting any of that slow him down! He’s in foster care getting stronger everyday.” (via lovemeow)

This sweet little kitten is just TOO adorable for words! :)

When Roger hangs our with his human foster mom, it’s the cutest cuddles ever – how could anyone reject such a sweetheart as this! (story credit lovemeow)

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