Kitten Was Abandoned On The Street, But When A Kind Human Noticed… Just Wonderful!

The life of a kitten can be an uncertain one, especially when your mother is also a stray cat. No one is certain how this little kitten ended up outside—perhaps it’s just as well we never know.

One day, a kind person was walking down the street, and they found this adorable stray tabby kitten all by herself. With no mother in sight, she was brought home. This little girl thrived in her new home. Isn’t it amazing what a lovely family can do?

This kitten was stray and underfed, but now? Just see…

1_Sad_Tabby_KittenThe little kitten was brought home, and given a bath, and warmed up with a blanket. It makes your heart cry to see such a sad expression on her face.

She’s such a happy kitten now…Such a bundle of love!

2_Kitten_CuddlesSapper gave the kitten a new home, with plenty of delicious food, and a soft warm bed to sleep in. You can see the newfound happiness in her face!

Now I’ll always be warm.

3_Tabby_Kitten_SleepingThe little kitten even gets to sleep in her new human’s bed.

“I’m never leaving, this is my forever home!”

4_Coy_KittenI don’t think you could pry her out of there, if you even wanted.

Purrfectly happy now!

5_Sleepy_Tabby_KittenIsn’t it amazing when a loving human opens their heart to an abandoned kitten? Obviously the kitten thinks so too! :)

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Via: lovemeow

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