She Was Born Disabled, But When You See This, You’ll Understand Why It’s So Special.

This kitty doesn’t think she’s any different, but she was actually born with a short front legs.  Even though she has this deformity, Kanga the cat doesn’t seem to notice her difference, she’s active as ever!

Amber from ‘Saving Grace Rescue’ noted: “She is such a sweet, adorable kitten. Only about a pound and already gets in and out of the litter box”

Even though she’s disabled, this kitty really is a champion!  (Just see the pictures and VIDEO towards the end!) Meet Kanga:

kanga-disabled-kitten-2 kanga-disabled-kitten-3

She might be different, Kanga is playful as ever!


Just look at those sweet eyes, it just melts my heart.


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(Via the Furrtographer / Saving Grace Rescue)

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