Kitten Was Hit By A Car, But This Man Was The Only One Who Cared To Help… This Story Is Wonderful!

A kind man shared his experience of saving a cat on social media and it’s enough to touch your heart! CubGeek shared the story on Reddit and it’s been seen thousands of times by now.

The kind rescuer was sitting in traffic one day, but then he noticed the car in front of him swerve violently to avoid something on the road.  Everyone kept driving, but this hero took a moment to se what it was and was shocked at what he saw next!

He was shocked to see a poor kitten sitting in the middle of the 4-lane road and traffic was at rush hour!kitten-was-hit-by-a-car-but-this-man-was-the-only-one-who-cared-to-help-this-story-is-wonderful-1

Thankfully his kindness saved this poor kittens life and saved the day!  The kind man named the kitten who was thought to be 5-6 weeks old, Shahrazad.  If it wasn’t of this perfect timing, I hate ti imagine what would have happened just moments after…


Thankfully Shahrazad the rescue cat is safe and sound, healthy and happy after a vet visit and checkup!

This kitten now lives in a home full of life and love and also plenty of food!


This sweet kitten spends many hours with his hero human and is very thankful each day for the love he showed at the busy highway!


The difference this kind man made is truly amazing…This story is beautiful—SHARE this story with your friends! :)

Source : Imgur / Reddit 

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