Kitten Who Was Injured In Forklift Accident Receives Love And Care, Then Turns Into Amazing Recovery

This poor kitten was discovered in a factory after being badly injured by a forklift. Luckily the poor kitten beat all the odds and the end recovery results will amaze you!

They decided to name this kitten Warrior because the kitten survived a “nasty war” lovemeow reported.

After being caught in a forklift truck, little Warrior came to a rescue group in Western Cape, South Africa called The Kitten Cottage. Little Warrior never gave up the fight to live!


Little Warrior nearly died that day, but thanks to his rescuers he got a good sleep this night.


When he woke up, he wouldn’t stop meowing and thanking his owners for what they had done.  His fever was gone, it was amazing!


“This is the most amazing kitten I’ve ever met,” Chelsea Lotz of The Kitten Cottage said via lovemeow.

“He doesn’t moan or scratch or run away, he knows that the creams that we apply twice a day are helping him heal.”


With care and love each day, little Warrior kept fighting and getting better each day!  His recovery was amazing to see.

“Warriors recovery and fight lifted my spirit. To see a kitten fight like this to live and recover made me smile,” Lotz told LoveMeow.


“From day one to today it is amazing how warrior has fought for his life.”

Finally after 4 months little Warrior was able to make a full and beautiful recovery!


“In the 5 years of being in rescue and homing many many kittens, never had a kitten that has touched my heart and never had tears in my eyes saying goodbye,” Lotz told LoveMeow.


Someone scooped up little Warrior and adopted him.  Now he lives in a wonderful home with loving hoomans and even a three-legged Zen.  He’s even got his own room!


“The Kitten Cottage will miss our warrior but we know he is happy, safe and living a life of luxury.”

Warrior is now healthier and happier than ever, look at him now!


It’s amazing what a little love and care can do!  This is such an amazing and beautiful rescue—SHARE this story with your friends :)

via lovemeow / The Kitten Cottage

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