Rescued Kitty Discovers He Is Loved, But The Reaction Is The Sweetest Thing EVER.

When this cat lover moved to a new town, Goa, India, with her 19 rescued kitties, she didn’t think she would be bringing home another kitten.

“Goa is full of feral, stray and abandoned cats, dogs and cattle. Market places are favoured dumping grounds for unwanted animals. I once picked up a carton of six small kittens near the steps of the market building in the next town Aldohna. They are still with me,” said this kind woman to TheMeowPost. She now has a cat sanctuary in town to feed and care for stray cats!

One day, she heard a meow by the shelter she hadn’t heard before. The poor kitty had “one eye smaller than the other, an odd tilt to the head and mucusy eyes and nose”, so she scooped him up and took him home for 24/7 care.

Mr. Fluffypants is slowly recovering and is now eating and drinking. But just wait till you see how grateful he is to be taken in! This sweetie just needed someone to love him…Wow.

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Mr. Fluffypants furr cleaned out beautiful!  Such a beautiful and much loved rescue kitty!


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Credit: Goa Cat Sanctuary, story interview credit: The Meow Post Exclusive

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