“Laid Back” Cat Was Loved By Locals, But Now He Has Left A Mark That Nobody Will Forget…

Many people have seen the viral photos of the laid back cat who sat at the bench.  Since his pictures have gone viral all over the internets, but sadly Tombili died this past August from a life-threatening illness.

This sweet feline led a beautiful life and was well known by all the locals. After his photos lounging at the bench went viral, nobody could stop talking about him!


Those that knew Tombili, knew him as a calm kitty who captivated anyone who came close to him.  It wasn’t just the pictures that made him famous, because his personality was one to match!

His sweet and gentle disposition made him a lovable kitty that everyone will remember and never forget.  Tombili appreciated the little things in life and teaches us all to do the same.


This kitty didn’t just pose for the picture that you see, but Tombili would pose many times in this same spot and other spots with his classic pose as passerby’s snapped photos.


The city of Istanbul will never forget Tombili and his legacy.  They are very saddened by his loss, but in his place, they have erected a statue that looks just like him to keep the memory of him alive to everyone who comes by.  They even erected the statue in Tombili favorite spot and in his favorite pose.

Now his memory will never die in our minds.  The statue will keep living on forever.


We will never forget Tombili’s kind, and sweet heart that touched so many people and taught us to appericiate the little things in life.


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h/t LoveMeow / The DoDo

pic credit: tomboli andoluateshirsiziykpykseler, and reddit.

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