Little Creature Looks Like a Rat, But Just Wait Till You See What He Really Is… WOW. (9 Pictures)

This poor little guy was hiding outside a home with his mother cat and family. He was found wandering the bushes. This little runt was so tiny and pink that he could have been mistake for a rat! But even though he’s little larger than a lip balm container, he ended up being quite the fighter!

And the biggest surprise was the little guy was actually a kitten!

Not much larger than a lip balm container, SOO small!

1_Tiny_Runt_KittenHis family named him Stuart Little. He was rescued along with his mother, and a litter of kittens, but poor Stuart was so much tinier than they were. In fact, cat rescue organization Fabulous Felines NWA didn’t think he’d make it. The entire cat family was thin and malnourished.

This little guy brings out the motherly instinct in all of us, just look at that face!

2_Tiny_White_KittenAmanda Rhea was entrusted with the care of the semi-feral mother cat and kittens. The kittens were struggling, and poor little Stuart Little was suffering most of all.

Very small compared with his siblings!

3_Tiny_Kitten_Beside_KittenIn only one week of foster care, Stuart Little’s fur grew in on his face, and he doubled his body weight.

Are you my mommy?

4_Tiny_Kitten_Foster_MomThe mother cat refused to nurse the kittens and stopped eating. She was sent off to Cat Haven Ranch to be spayed and properly cared for. Stuart and his litter mates were bottle fed, while the search began to find a surrogate nursing mother cat.

Bigger head, smaller body…But he keeps on growing!

5_Tiny_Kitten_Snuggles_HumanA loving surrogate mother called Bessie came to the kitten’s rescue. They were now able to properly nurse.

“I luv my new nest!”

6_Tiny_Kitten_Hair_NestAt six weeks, Stuart Little started to get bigger, but he’s still a tiny handful in his human’s hands.

So tiny when compared to lip balm.

7_Tiny_Kitten_Small_As_ChapstickEven at two month’s old, Stuart still looks tiny.

Stewart just kept growing!

8_Tiny_Kitten_Growing_UpThe rescue organization has found him a forever home. He’s put his traumatic kitten weeks past him.

Adoptive mom with her son!

9_Foster_Mom_Loves_Runt_CatStewart is loved by his new mom and humans!  He’s come from being as small as lip balm container, to happy, growing and rescued! :)

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