little Kitten Ignored At The Shelter Because Of Her Disability, Then Someone Gave Her A Chance…

There are no guarantees in kitten’s life. The lucky ones are rescued from the streets, and brought to no-kill shelters. If they’re luckier, a loving human will rescue them.

But for Trinity, this wasn’t an easy conclusion. She only had three legs, so humans passed her by at the shelter. Until one day, a loving couple showed up to have a look at the cats.

When they noticed little Trinity, they decided to look past her disability and opened their hearts!

Trinity waiting for her forever home at the shelter…

1_Cat_At_VetsSondra worked at the animal shelter and said Trinity had many issues that kept her from being adopted. For one, she was skittish and terrified of humans. And potential adopters weren’t interested in a cat missing a leg. Life was not promising for this kitten.

You stay over there, okay?

2_Cat_StaringA couple dropped by to look at the kittens. They didn’t care why Trinity lost her leg, nor that she was hissing and growling at humans. They only cared that she was obviously the perfect kitten to take home. They had already decided to adopt a special needs cat.

When she was first brought home, she hid behind their TV frightened of everything…

Finally Trinity started coming out for a peek!

3_Kitten_CutieAfter only a few hours, she actually lifted her head up to check her surroundings.

Meeting Gaia their other cat for the first time.

4_Tripod_Cat_Means_Black_CatTrinity looks so tiny when meeting their other cat, but surprisingly things went really well!

She’s even playing with Chewbacca!

5_Trinity_with_BrotherBut when Trinity met their other cat, Chewbacca, they really bonded like never before!

Chewbacca and his new friend are Inseparable!

6_Cats_SnugglingThe pair hit it off immediately, and continue to be best buds furrever!

It’s nap time and they’re still together!

7_Cats_Stretched_OutBoth of the couple’s cats take turns at looking after Trinity.

Best buds furever… :)

8_Trinity_Grown_UpEven now that Trinity is all grown up, she and Chewbacca still hang out together on a daily basis just like best friends!

Trinity is happy and couldn’t be more loved by his new family!

9_Best_FuriendsTrinity settled into her new home, and she loves cuddling with her humans too. What a change from her scary shelter weeks and near abandonment!

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