Little Kittens Tortured By Thugs And Left In Wet Cardboard Box To Die… I Can’t Believe This?!

Prepare yourself, because this story starts out very sad, but ends in an amazing way!

Luke and Skywalker (fondly named) were discovered in a soaking cardboard box covered in fleas!  When they kept looking, they found sores that were bleeding and multiple broken bones.  It was a VERY sad sight to see.

Thankfully they were found in time and handed to kind star at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust clinic.  It is reported that they were named after the Star Wars hero’s, because they never gave up.

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After further discovery, star were horrified that Skywalker had suffered a very bad spinal injury which left him nearly incapable of walking.

After this horrible experience, you won’t believe how affectionate they are!


(Warning: Graphic images below)

Poor Lukes toes on his back feed were completely severed off and he had lost hide pads on his back feed.  Thankfully these kind humans raised over £4,500 for all the surgery necessary care for these kittens and the both are purring their way back to health!

These poor kittens were tortured by horrible humans, but thankfully someone found them before it was too late.


It’s unimaginable what must have happened to these poor kittens.


We haven’t been able to identify the thugs who did such a horrible thing, but even though these kittens have gone through so much pain, they are very loving, affectionate and thankful!

After knowing all that they’ve been through, it makes you cry seeing how happy they are now despite their horrible treatment, Watch Video:

It’s hard to imagine what these poor kittens have gone through, but it’s even more amazing how joyful their spirits are, despite their horrible past—SHARE this story with your friends!

Source: Vimeo, H/T TheBestCatPage

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