Mama Cat Does Something Very Special For Some Abandoned Puppies.

Something horrible happened to this littler of Chihuahua puppies, but thanks to a very special ‘super-mom’ cat these puppies have a mom! (Pictures & Video below)

Kit the mother cat helped four abandoned newborn puppies have a chance to survive – this cat is one very special cat…

After finding these tiny Chihuahua puppies on a car in the West Valley City, Utah, they noticed a note on the box noting that the puppies were motherless.

Shortly after rescuing these puppies, they introduced them to one of the most special cats at the shelter and then something amazing happened.  

mama-cat-does-something-very-special-for-some-abandoned-puppies2This cat adopted the puppies and gave them love and with help from volunteers, the puppies made it through the night and are now alive and healthy, but it gets ever better then this!

mama-cat-does-something-very-special-for-some-abandoned-puppiesKit is the sweetest cat ever and is now taking care of a NEW litter of kittens – her motherly love is the sweetest thing ever.  Its amazing to see it, but shortly after this cat mom adopted these kittens, she started nursing them just like they were her own!


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This is the sweetest thing ever… WATCH the video below:

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