Man Discovers Kitten Who Fell Off Bridge And Broke His Legs, Crying For Help, But Then…Watch The Ending!

He saw a kitten fall off a bridge, so when he rushes over to save her? She couldn’t move her back legs and was meowing for help.  The kind Japanese man tells the tiny kitten to “come home with me”.

After a trip to the vet, he brought the kitten home and began around the clock care for the little one. He named the kitty Nene, who began to relax and heal in his loving home.

Uzu, the orange resident cat soon adopted the kitten as her own and gave her lots of TLC too. Just watching this story unfold will warm your heart – and just so you know, in just one year, Nene has regained 80% of her hind leg strength! Watch what happens here:

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