Man Does Something Amazing With His Mosque When He Notices Forgotten Kitties In The Cold…

Ordinary individuals can make extraordinary impacts on others’s lives by just noticing what they need. This amazing individual noticed these poor, shivering kitties by his mosque, so he decided to do something about it.

Iman Mustafa Efe kindly opens the doors to this mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, for the cats to have a warm place to have shelter in. He also provides food and water for the kitties to have whenever they please.

When a mama cat brought her little ones by, you’ve got to see how sweet the ending turned out… Scroll to the bottom for the video. 

Iman calls the kitties his guests in the mosque.


mosque-kitties-opens-hearts-and-doors-to-catsSome of the kitties have made their home in the mosque. 

mosque-kitties kind-mosque-opens-doors-to-stray-cats The cats bring joy and companionship to everyone who visits and worships there. 


This stray cat brought her babies to shelter them in the mosque and we are so glad they’re safe and sound here – Just watch what happens:

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credit: Mohammed MatterMustafa Efe, YOUTUBE

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