Man finds adorable kitten on a three lane highway and rescues her, awwww!!

He was shocked when he saw a poor frightened kitten trying to make her way through three lanes of traffic!

No one else stopped, so he made traffic stop for her. He had to risk his own life as he parked his car, and carefully navigated through traffic to get to her.

Lucky traffic kitten rescued!

cat_soft_towelsGubGeek is a hero for braving heavy traffic to rescue this little girl. Her name is Shahrazad. He put his car in park and dashed past several cars to rescue her.

Kitten is safely transported home

kitten_in_carThe kitten has braved several lanes of busy traffic. Her newfound owner was distressed by something pink trailing from her body.

Shahrazad sustains minor injuries

kitten_sleepingAfter further inspection, GubGeek was so glad to see that she had only lost some fur from her tail. GubGeek called the vet immediately, and brought the kitten in for inspection.

Luckily, she was in perfect health, without broken bones, and her tail would heal. Everyone was happy that GubGeek parked his car in the middle of busy traffic to rescue her. She was only 5-6 weeks old, without any experience of busy human streets.

Kitten and human getting to know each other

kitten_on_shoulderHe made her a little bed of blankets and old shirts. He was pleased when she ate a ton of food, used her litter box, napped, and played.

GubGeek and his kitty friend continue to live a happy life together. Shahrazad was fortunate that one man out of hundreds of drivers that day truly cared about her. She has turned into the most affectionate and loving kitty a human could ever want.

Kitten posing with her new friend

kitten_and_gargoyleShahrazad enjoys posing with Fred the Gargoyle.

Owner says she’s beautiful inside and out

kitten_bites_fingerShahrazad’s personality continues to develop, and she is settling into her new home.

GubGeek has had to come to grips with his anger over how the drivers just ignored the kitten’s predicament on the busy road. He’s so happy that he was in the right place at the right time to rescue such a beautiful cat.

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