Man Traps A Cat, But Then Gets An Unexpected Surprise That He’ll Never Forget… My Heart Melted!

It was getting VERY cold outside and this kind man noticed a black stray and feral kitten.  He could tell that if he couldn’t rescue the poor kitten, the cold weather would most likely kill the poor kitten.

He finally was able to trap the kitten, but the kitten wouldn’t come close to him. Then finally at 8:05 in the video, something wonderful happens and this kitten discovers love for the first time.

It happened so fast he couldn’t believe it, this kitten became his best friend in just moments after being completely feral.  It’s amazing what love can do!  Watch the Video:

I’m also surprised this kitten warmed up to him so fast, what a sweetheart. This just warms my heart—SHARE this rescue story with your friends! :)

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