Mango The Cat Found A New Best Friend! Just WATCH Them Together, You’ll DIE Of Cuteness…

At, we’re always looking for amazing stories involving cats, and this one caught our attention with a lot of cuteness!!!

Some animals just become best friends and we can’t help but notice.  This adorable pair have fallen in love and are best friends!

Even after years of being together they still share a special connection and watching them together is just about the cutest thing you’ll see in awhile! :) — Watch the video at the end, but WARNING, its VERY cute!! :)


Mango the cat and Lucy the dog really do love each other and it’s pretty obvious!


The kitty (named Mango) and his best friend Corgi the dog (named Lucy) share a special bond. The video at the end shows just how special this really is, but the pictures were too good to leave out :)

mango-the-cat-fell-in-love-with-lucy-the-dog-just-watch-them-together-they-couldnt-be-happier-9 mango-the-cat-fell-in-love-with-lucy-the-dog-just-watch-them-together-they-couldnt-be-happier-8 mango-the-cat-fell-in-love-with-lucy-the-dog-just-watch-them-together-they-couldnt-be-happier-7 mango-the-cat-fell-in-love-with-lucy-the-dog-just-watch-them-together-they-couldnt-be-happier-5 mango-the-cat-fell-in-love-with-lucy-the-dog-just-watch-them-together-they-couldnt-be-happier-4 mango-the-cat-fell-in-love-with-lucy-the-dog-just-watch-them-together-they-couldnt-be-happier-3 mango-the-cat-fell-in-love-with-lucy-the-dog-just-watch-them-together-they-couldnt-be-happier-2

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