Massive Toad Is Eating A Snake, But When Kitty Notices… Just Watch The Cats Reaction, OMG

This kitty was walking by when he noticed something quite horrifying, it was a toad eating a snake.  Cats are very affectionate and caring creatures and at, we believe the cat was trying to see if there was anything he could do to help the stranded snake!

The people taking the video anonymously uploaded the video, so we can’t tell WHO took this video and thus cannot get any other background information on the video, but we’ve gotta say this is the MOST unusually video we’ve ever seen!

This cat is very confused and concerned about this snake in the toads mouth… Watch Video:

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(NOTE:  We DO NOT condone ANY laughter towards this situation, however we only posted this because we like to report on the most unusual cat videos that are going viral and this video is receiving thousands of hits every second.  We may still remove it very soon if people don’t find it valuable or understand that nature sometimes just happens, but we like to report all cat videos and news, not just the good ones. Thank you for your understanding) Please note, DID NOT take this video, we are only reporting on a recent news story!

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