Meet Manny: The Adventurous Kitty Who Takes Selfies, Then Posts Them On The Internet!

Say hello to Manny the ‘selfie cat’, the cat that’s been gaining internet popularity all because of he takes selfies himself with a GoPro camera!

This adorable furrtographer even includes some of his other friends including his owners 4 dogs!  They’re quite the cute family, but that’s not why this story is going viral, It’s all because Manny the cat has a serious interest with the GoPro camera!

Anytime Manny sees his human with the GoPro camera, he takes his paw and snaps the selfie after posing just purrfectly!


Manny is quite the adventurous kitty and goes along for walks with all the rest of the dogs and his human!  When Manny sees the GoPro camera come out, he poses perfectly and puts his paw out for a selfie!


Manny has quite the funny facial expressions and his Instagram accounts named @yoremahm is filled with every creative selfie shot you can think of!

Most cats aren’t too excited about being recorded, but Manny thinks he’s a real celebrity and anytime the camera comes out, he’s ready… Snap, snap, snap!


Manny doesn’t even mind if the dogs come along too and get in the selfie, he knows it makes the pictures even better, so he sticks his paws up to snap another selfie!


When it snows, Manny the selfie cat is ready for his daily furrtography shoot and there’s another selfie!

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Here’s what happens when Manny takes a selfie, Watch Video:

When the whole family goes on adventures, manny the selfie cat is ready to go, with a camera in hand!


Manny is quick becoming an sensation as the first ever cat ‘selfie’ celebrity.  Thousands of people are sharing his ‘selfies’ and he’s enjoying all the attention quite a lot!


You don’t see many cats taking selfies, but Manny isn’t your usual cat and poses every time with paws outstretched for the next adventure!

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VIA: LoveMeow

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