No One Believed Little Pup Would Survive, But What This Tiny Fur Ball Did Next… I’ll Never Forget!

Stephanie rescued a ginger kitten, who would go on to rescue her next pet. She named her kitten Sapphire. When tiny Sapphire was only a few weeks old, Stephanie was out for a walk.

She spotted a tiny dog found in a trash can. He was so muddy, but she brought him home. It was only one week after Stephanie had rescued Sapphire, that she found Zekey.

The loving pair, all grown up now, thanks to one amazing cat!

Cat_and_dog_on_tableThe two quickly became best friends. But unfortunately, Zekey soon became ill.

Join me in my basket!

Kitten_in_basketZekey’s health soon deteriorated. Stephanie was worried she was going to lose her pup, but Sapphire remained positive, staying with the pup through his ordeal.

I’ll stand by your side always.

puppy_kitten_on_floorStephanie did all she could for the pup at home, but decided to take him to the vet for treatment. Zekey had to be hospitalized. They told her not to expect a positive outcome.

Don’t ever leave me okay?

Cat_cuddles_sick_dogWhen Stephanie returned home, she saw how much Sapphire longed for her friend. She asked the vet if she could bring her cat in to visit her dog. They agreed to let the cat visit for a few hours each day. They both needed each other.

It’s okay, I’m here.

Cat_snuggles_sick_dogOver the next two weeks, Sapphire nursed his best friend back to health.

I’ll keep you warm.

Dog_and_cat_cuddleSapphire would snuggle with Zekey during their hospital visits.

Look, I can stand on my own two feet!

Cat_and_dog_on_tableZekey survived her ordeal, thanks to her best bud, Sapphire.

We made it!

Dog_and_cat_on_stairsBoth cat and dog are now all grown up, and happy and healthy!

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