Nobody Wanted To Adopt Them Because They’re 14 Years Old, But Then One Day…

Not every cat is lucky enough to live in a forever home. Many are abandoned on streets or in shelters. Millions get adopted, but there are always those that no one wants before they’re too old.

It’s believed that this brother and sister pair were left behind by their first human. They ended up a no-kill shelter, where they’d stay for the rest of their lives, unless someone stepped forward and adopted them.

One human stepped forward and saw how cool they were. Since they were older cats in the shelter for a year and a half, the shelter didn’t even want to charge their new human an adoption fee.

Lucky 14 year old brother and sister pair.

1_Brother_Sister_CatsWhen their new human saw this pair, they instantly fell in love. Their human reports that the cats chill together, while work gets done. But despite their 14 years, these cats still love to romp around and play.

There’s so many, I don’t know what to do!

2_Cat_PlaytimeThe sister cat has her own box of toys, but sometimes it makes a great bed too.

Softest bath tub ever.

3_Kitty_BathThe brother cat loves to lie on the bed to clean himself.

Brother and sister, together forever. 

4_Inseparable_CatsBoth cats are deeply bonded to eat other, and do everything together.

That catnip was fabulous!


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